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Harry said on June 16, 2021:  I am just blown away by the quality and variety of programing on KVWJ here in Hyrum, Utah. This is in my opinion the single finest radio station I have ever listened to.

 - from radiolineup.com
Here's how it goes:  Deep oldies ranging from 1955 to 1980 with a few outliers of merit on either side of that.  Over 2400 selections from ABBA to ZZ Top and everything in-between (including long-form broadcasts of meetings of civic interest and world news)!

Think of a mix from the following:
KCBS-FM Los Angeles 1978-1980
KCPX-FM Salt Lake City 1979-1982
KHJ Los Angeles 1965-1976
KKDJ Los Angeles 1971-1974
WMOD Washington DC 1973-1974
KLO Ogden 1972-1975
KMPC Los Angeles 1970-1975
KRSP Salt Lake City 1977-1980
KRTH Los Angeles 1972-1978
KSVN Ogden 1983-1986
KVOG Ogden 1970-1977


That said......

Monday thru Saturday

        Music from the Top-40 era - 1955 to 1980 (with a few extras for good measure!) featuring the TM Productions "You" jingle package from the mid-1970's.

Thursday evenings at 6:30 

        1st and 3rd Thursdays - Hyrum City Council*

        2nd Thursday - Hyrum City Planning Commission*

        *  Hyrum City meetings may be postponed or cancelled to meet scheduling needs 


        6am to 3pm - Worshipful music for Sunday

        12am to 6am, 3pm to midnight - easy listening instrumental music including the original KVWJ  "Escape" jingle package from PAMS from 1974.


Proposed Programming Ideas

Thursday evenings at 6:30 

        4th Thursday - Historic Hyrum - Hyrum City Museum Program


        8am - Into A Child's Mind - Thirty minutes of children's stories and music

        11pm - "Track 11"  A complete album selected from the extensive J-95 library 

Sunday Afternoon at 3 

        "Canyon Breeze"  Two hours of New Age musical offerings with host Jim Wellings



"Portions of the programming on KVWJ are prerecorded and/or are created through the use of electrical transcription or other automated processes including 'artificial intelligence' methods."

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