Who We Are


 KVWJ brings many folks together, not only over the airwaves but also behind the scenes.  Here is who we are:

Friend Weller has worked professionally for over four decades as a radio announcer, producer, and engineer in both commercial and public radio.  He is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers holding the rank of Certified Radio Broadcast Engineer.  KVWJ is the culmination of a life-long dream - to own and operate his own radio station.  He is the father of eight and enjoys all things radio - and has several widely-varied side interests.  He'd "...rather be on the radio than on anything else."

Alissa Weller is the patient one in the operation.  She offers sage advice, a listening ear, and tolerates that other fellow who has been blathering on about radio for the last 50 years.  She loves her eight children and five grandchildren, is an award-winning pie maker, and out of her love of sewing & quilting, she works at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop in customer support.  She has been the unwavering support of the idea of "...the little radio station around the corner and up your block."

Ken Andersen is the real brains here.  He keeps our computers computing and the file servers serving.  Ken is a Systems Administrator at Utah State University.  He lives in Hyrum with his wife Ruth and their seven children.  He loves the beauty of northern Utah and especially Cache Valley.  He also loves to play basketball and any other sport he can convince others to play with him.

Laurel Redd Feddock lives in the Bay Area and is the virtual host of KVWJ's Sunday programming.  She has many talents and has worked for employers ranging from Jack In The Box to The Boy Scouts of America.  She adores bacon and ice cream, has dabbled in voiceover work, and is a good friend of KVWJ.

She has also, on occasion, found various car parts in her dishwasher.

Kirsten Swanson makes her home in Logan with her husband and three children.  She works in machine embroidery, as a radio announcer and producer, home educator, and voice artist. She enjoys gardening, wordplay, story songs, and dancing.  Radio is her happy place.  Kirsten has been the host of KVWJ's children's program "Into a Child's Mind" and volunteers to assist with Hyrum City Civic Nights broadcasts.

Monica Marquez is a Los Angeles native with a background in law, the League of Women Voters, an avid drummer, and, in a former life at Pomona College, the General Manager of FM radio station KSPC 88.7....and she’s always believed that radio is way better than TV!

Monica holds the prestigious title of Jr. Asst. Program Director.


Roch Bordenave has gigged as a disc jockey, morning show producer, program director, copywriter and  promo producer in locations from Colorado to Florida.  His list of credits runs from work with the Department of Energy to video narrations, live stadium announcing and more.  He also plays valve trombone in the Steely Dan tribute band, Dr. Wu.  Today, Roch works from his home studio in West Los Angeles and is a friend of KVWJ.

Jim Wellings is a senior classroom and AV systems designer and programmer at Utah State University.  He started his career in technical theatre, specializing in lighting design, media, and live audio.  Entertainment production still influences his approach to all AV and media, and years of live sound mixing has lowered his tolerance for bad audio, much to the occasional rolled eye of coworkers.  In addition to being a full-time AV nerd, in his spare time he engineers live sound and freelances in broadcast television production. 


"[I] listen every day. Great music from my time!"   R Dunn 10/31/23 Radiolineup.com

The mission and purpose of Alumni Records, Inc., licensee of KVWJ-LP, is to act as an on-air museum of radio from years past, to educate interested individuals in the radio arts, and through our programming, serve in the public interest by informing and educating the citizenry of Hyrum City and our surrounding communities.  We encourage appropriate input concerning our program offerings for constant improvement.



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